Please find below the questions that are being asked about reopening.
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Question: When will we reopen?

Answer: We don’t know for sure yet. We are waiting for Santa Clara County to give us a date.


Question: Why do we need to book seats when we reopen for an in-person church service?

Answer: The state and county have limited the number of people allowed to gather. To stop long lines and people being turned away, we will use a booking system like a theater or an airline.


Question: How many do we expect to turn up for live services?

Answer: We don’t know exactly what to expect, but we are collecting our congregations views. If you haven’t taken the survey yet, please click here.


Question: What happens if I just show up for church?

Answer: If you show up without a reservation once we are open, you will be put into a standby list. If there are no open seats, you will be asked to wait in your car. Shortly after the service starts, if there are bookings that have not arrived on time, they will be considered to be no shows, and those on the list will take there place.


Question: What happens if I show up late?

Answer: If you show up late, your seat may have been given to someone else, so we advise you to turn up at least 10 minutes before the service.


Question: Will we have to wear masks in church?

Answer: Yes, the recommended practice that we have to follow  is that masks must be worn


Question: Can I choose who I sit with at a service?

Answer: No, you can only sit with people that are family members you live with or other people who live in the same house as you.


Question: Can I invite others to watch the service with me in my home?

Answer: Shelter in place guidelines only allow for people who live in the same house to meet inside.


Question: Are there rules I have to follow if I have a religious service at my property?

Answer: Yes, guidelines for outdoor religious services of 25 people or fewer can be found here


Question: What is a watch party Pastor Malcolm referenced?

Answer:  A watch party is where a group of people watch a video or event together at the same time. Using the Online Church Platform, a service could be held outside with 25 people or less watching the Sunday service together from New Hope.